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Privacy Policy

Lawn Care in Pennsylvania, Inc. (“Lawn Care in Pennsylvania,” “we,” or “us”) complies with the privacy rights of both users of our mobile applications and visitors to our website. The information that Lawn Care in Pennsylvania gathers, uses, distributes, and protects about you is described in this privacy statement. This privacy statement also explains how you can edit or access your information and decide how it is used.

This privacy statement applies to all of our online, offline, and mobile (“Services”) activities that we make available to you. Your use of interactive features or downloads that-

  • We own or manage,
  • Are accessible through the Services, or
  • Interacting with the Services and posting or incorporating this Privacy Policy is likewise subject to this Privacy Policy.



Please carefully read our privacy statement. Use our Services only if you accept this Privacy Policy; otherwise, stop using them. As they can be relevant to your usage of our websites and mobile applications, you should also examine our Terms of Service. The Terms of Service contain a reference to this Privacy Policy. In order to reflect changes to our information practices, we may amend this privacy statement. Any modifications will take effect as soon as they are posted in the updated Privacy Policy. Prior to the change taking effect, we’ll let you know about it through email (delivered to the email address listed in your account) or a notice on the Services. We advise you to frequently check this page for the most recent details on our privacy policies.


1. Data That We Gather.

Identifying information. We may ask for specific types of information from you, including personal information (also known as “Personal Information”), which includes details about you that might be used to reasonably identify you personally, such as your name, employer, email address, and mobile number. When you engage with us in any other way, such as by filling out a contact form or registeringfor an account on the Services, we may gather this information from you as well. You must set up an account profile when you register to utilize the Services.

When you register for our Services, you have the option of uploading a photo, which we and the lawn care providers may be able to see in order for them to confirm your identification. By logging into your account, you can at any time delete or update the picture.


2. Public information and user-generated content.

The Services may provide you with access to publicly accessible blogs, community forums, or other features that allow you to post questions, comments, suggestions, questions, user profiles, writings, music, video, audio recordings, computer graphics, pictures, data, and other content (collectively, “User Content”). User Content may be copied, published, distributed, or used in any other way online, offline, or in any manner or format now known or later developed by us or by others. This User Content might be available to others, and they might be able to share it with others online. You need to be aware that any User Content you post in these locations could end up being read, gathered, and utilized by other people who have access to them.

Therefore, please consider carefully what information, including Personal Information, you share in conjunction with your User Content. Please be aware that Company has no control over who will have access to the information you choose to make public and is unable to guarantee that parties who do so will respect your privacy or keep it secure.Any information that you make public, distribute to others, or otherwise submit, whether through the Services or not, is not covered by this privacy policy. We disclaim all liability for any content or information you disclose or receive through the Services, including for accuracy, usage, or misuse.

Your name, voice, likeness, and other personally identifiable information that is included in your user content may also be published, and we may use all or a portion of the content for advertising, marketing, publicity, and promotional purposes.

Contact us through customer care to request that your User Content be deleted from our blog, community forum, or other features. We might occasionally be unable to remove your User content, in which case we will notify you and explain why.


3. Data Acquired During Your Use of the Services and Access.

In addition to the information you voluntarily provide to us, we and our third-party service providers may utilize a number of different technologies to gather information about your use of the Services automatically (“Usage Information”). The browser you are using, the URL that directed you to our Services, all of the pages you visit there, the time of day, and other details may all be included in this Usage Information. Usage Information may be used for a number of things, including enhancing or otherwise improving the Services. Additionally, we record your IP address or another distinctive identification (referred to as a “Device Identifier”) for your laptop, smartphone, or other device used to access the Services. Usage information may be correlated with you or be non-identifying. We shall treat Usage Information and Device Identifiers as Personal Information whenever we link them to your Personal Information.

Additionally, tracking data, including but not limited to geolocation, is gathered while you use our services. Your GPS coordinates will be sent to our servers when the lawn care service is being performed if you are receiving lawn care through our Services. The majority of mobile devices with GPS can pinpoint a user’s location within 50 feet. We gather this information for a variety of reasons, such as figuring out how long the lawn care service will last, offering customer assistance, sending promotions and offers, enhancing our Services, and for our own internal business needs.

We might additionally gather usage data utilizing, to mention a few, the techniques or technologies listed below:

Cookies. When a Device accesses the Services, a cookie is a data file that is also installed on the Device. A Flash cookie is a data file that is downloaded or installed on a Device using the Adobe Flash plug-in, which may already be present on your device. Cookies and Flash Cookies can be used for a variety of things, including, but not limited to, keeping track of your visits to our websites and remembering your preferences. Cookies function by giving each user a unique number that only has value on the website that assigned it to them.

You can accept or decline the use of cookies using your browser. Setting a choice in your web browser or on your device will enable or deactivate cookies. However, some elements of the Services may not work properly or may not be able to modify the delivery of information if you disable cookies or Flash cookies on your Device. The Company has no control over how third parties use cookies (or the data that results from that usage), and this Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party cookie use.

The web beacons. Our websites and mobile messaging may contain small graphic images or computer code known as web beacons. Web beacons are tiny images with a distinctive identifier that serves a similar purpose to cookies in that they are used to track a user’s online activities. Web beacons are inconspicuously incorporated into Web sites, as opposed to cookies, which are saved on a user’s computer hard drive. Web beacons or related technologies help us manage content on our Services more effectively by letting us know what content is most popular, counting users who use the Services, watching how users move around the Services, tracking how many of our emails are actually opened, and tracking how many specific articles or links are actually viewed. We don’t link the data collected by web beacons to the private information of our clients.

Scripts that are embedded. Computer code known as an embedded script is used to gather data on how you use the Services, including the links you click on. The code is only active while you are connected to the Services and is then deactivated or erased from your Device. It is temporarily downloaded onto your Device from our web server or a third-party service provider.


4. Details Provided by Third Parties about You.

We may occasionally add outside records from third parties to the data we collect about you through our website or mobile application in order to better serve you, better tailor our content to you, and give you the chance to buy things we think you might find interesting. We might mix the data we get from those sources with the data we gather via the Services. In certain circumstances, unless we have said differently, we shall apply this Privacy Policy to any Personal Information obtained.


5. Details You Offer Concerning a Third Party.

We will need the name, contact information (including email address), physical address, and phone number) of the person, you want to recommend to use our Services. We will send the recipient a single email with a promotional offer or a request to utilize the Services, urging them to visit For the purpose of sending this one-time email and keeping track of how our Services are used, we could store this information. Except when we have the individual’s consent or when we specifically state otherwise, we do not use this information for any other marketing purposes. Please be advised that when you enter the recipient’s email address through our Services, the communication sent to the recipient may also contain your name, email address, and physical address.


6. Geolocation Information.

In relation to the geolocation data we track through Mobile Devices, we use that geolocation information for a variety of purposes, including enabling you to specify the location from which you wish to request Services, tracking the progress of the Services, and providing that information to you and your lawn care provider, sending you promotions and offers, and enabling you to share this information with others if you so choose through any features we may provide. We will not disclose this information to other parties for any reason and will only use it as necessary to deliver the Services to you, unless otherwise permitted by this Privacy Policy.By disabling this function on your mobile device, you can at any moment stop allowing our Services to utilize your location.

Additionally, we give the lawn care company access to some of your Personal Information (such as your first name, email address, phone number, and physical address) so that they may get in touch with you and locate you. We may combine any Personal Information you supply with your specific Mobile Device identification or Service usage data, but we will still treat it as Personal Information.


7. Data Collected from Other Applicants and Lawn Care Providers.

We will gather Personal Information from you if you use our website to apply for a job, including your name, email address, phone number, insurance information, driver’s license, social security number, and maybe your resume, gender, and ethnicity. We use the data gathered in this section of the website to evaluate your suitability for the job for which you have applied and to get in touch with you to arrange an interview.


7.1 Making Use of the Data Gathered.

We will send you a welcome email and promotional emails inviting you to use the Services once you register for an account with us. Additionally, we’ll get in touch with you to respond to your questions, deliver the Services you want, and handle account management. Email, telephone, push notifications, and SMS or text messages will all be used by us to contact you.

You can examine your lawn care history, store your credit card information on a secure page, view any current promotions, rate the Services, and help us better understand which parts of the Services are most popular by providing us with information from you. When you sign up, you give credit card information in your personal profile. We do not retain this information; instead, our third-party credit card processors store and use it to process payments you owe to other parties for transportation services you received.

Your IP address is used by us to administer our website(s) and to help with server troubleshooting. Although it does not include any personal information about you, your IP address is used to help identify you.

In conjunction with the Services, we shall communicate with you in regard to transactions. These emails may inform you that lawn care services have been or will be given, provide transactional summaries, or alert you to maintenance issues or other service disruptions. These communications, which are not promotional in nature, often cannot be opted out of.

Additionally, we may use the Personal Information or Usage Information we have about you to-

(1) Process transactions you have requested or agreed to receive, including sending you electronic newsletters;

(2) Process your registration with the Services, including confirming your information is active and valid; (3) send you special offers or promotional materials on behalf of us or third parties.

(4) To make it possible for you to take advantage of a number of features offered by the Services, such as online or mobile entry sweepstakes, contests, or other promotions;

(5) To get in touch with you regarding your use of the Services and, if we decide to, changes to the Services and their policies;

(6) For internal business purposes;

(7) For inclusion in our data analytics; and

(8) for purposes disclosed at the time you provide your information or as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy.

Please be aware that you might not get a response if you provide information to the Services via a “contact us” or other similar function.


7.2 Information Disclosed to Third Parties.

We might provide aggregated user statistics, log data, and other non-personally identifiable information to third parties for industry analysis, demographic profiling, and targeted advertising regarding other goods or services, or other business needs. Other than as stated in this privacy statement or at the time you provide your information, we do not sell, distribute, rent, or trade the information we have gathered about you, including Personal Information. Unless you agree to this sharing when you provide us with your personal information, we do not give your personal information to third parties for their direct marketing needs.


8. The moment you consent to get information from third parties.

There may be a chance for you to directly receive news and promotional offers from third parties. Your personal information will be shared with these third parties if you consent to this, and any other information you submit will be subject to the privacy policies and practices of these third parties. You should evaluate the privacy policies and practices of such third parties before accepting to receive such information from them because we are not liable for their privacy policies and practices. You’ll need to get in touch with the third party directly if you later decide that you don’t want to hear from them.


9. Outsiders who provide services on our behalf.

To provide our Services, enable their delivery, or carry out specific Service-related tasks on our behalf, we work with third-party businesses and people. We might give third parties, including vendors, access to user data, including Personal Information, but only to the extent necessary for them to carry out the services they are providing to you or to us. These vendors are bound to refrain from disclosing or using personal information in any other way.

While we may use third-party analytics service providers to assess and give us data about how the Services are used and how our content is viewed, we do not give these analytics service providers access to your Personal Information. Instead, they are free to set and access their own cookies, web beacons, and embedded scripts on your Device, as well as to otherwise collect and access information about you, including non-personally identifiable data.

Our website’s assistance section is hosted by a third-party host that we use. Our Privacy Policy applies to the data we collect in this area of our website.


10. Promotions and contests.

Through the Services, we might run sweepstakes, competitions, and other promotions (each, a “Promotion”) that might call for registration. By taking part in a Promotion, you consent to the official rules that govern that Promotion. These rules may have specific requirements for you, such as enabling the Promotion’s sponsor to use your name, voice, and/or likeness in promotional marketing. If you decide to participate in a promotion, your personal information might be made available to the general public or to third parties in connection with the administration of that promotion, such as in connection with the winner selection and prize fulfillment processes, and as permitted by law or the official rules of the promotion, such as on a winners list.


11. Arguments of law.

To enforce and abide by the law, we work together with governmental, law enforcement, and commercial entities. As a result, we may access, use, preserve, transfer, and disclose your information (including Personal Information), including disclosure to third parties like governmental or law enforcement officials or private parties, as we reasonably determine is necessary and appropriate to:

  • Satisfy any applicable law, regulation, subpoenas, governmental requests, or legal process;
  • Protect and defend the Terms of Service for online and mobile Services or other applicable policies.
  • To defend the rights, property, or safety of Lawn Care in Pennsylvania, our Services, or any third party;
  • To identify, stop, or otherwise deal with fraud, security, or technical problems; or
  • To prevent or end any activity that we may deem to be, or to be reasonably likely to be, illegal, unethical, or subject to legal action.


Additionally, at our discretion, we may use IP addresses or other Device Identifiers to identify users in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, internet service providers, wireless service providers, or copyright owners. We may also disclose such information to third parties. Such disclosures can take place without giving you any prior warning.


12. Transfer of Business.

For internal purposes, we might divulge your information to our parent company, subsidiaries, and affiliates, including your Personal Information and Usage Information. Additionally, we reserve the right to reveal and transfer all such information in the following situations:

  • To a new owner, co-owner, or operator of the Services or relevant database; or
  • In connection with a corporate merger, consolidation, restructuring, the sale of virtually all of our membership interests or assets, or other corporate change, including during any due diligence procedure.


12.1 Opt-Out and behavioral advertising.

Targeted advertising, often referred to as behavioral advertising, makes use of data gathered about a user’s online or mobile browsing habits, such as the pages they’ve viewed or the searches they’ve conducted. This data is then used to decide which adverts on websites other than our website should be shown to a certain person.

For instance, if you indicated that football was your sport of choice when visiting our website, you might see an advertisement for football-related gear when you go to another website. The information gathered does not contain any data that may be used to trace a specific person, such as their name, address, or credit card number; it is only connected to an anonymous cookie identifier.Either from us or through third-party website publishers, the information utilized for targeted advertising originates from.

Please click here to view the NAI Opt-Out Page if you wish to opt out of receiving targeted advertisements from us when visiting our third-party advertising publishers. Please be aware that by doing this, you will no longer receive targeted adverts from us or any other participating advertisers. If you choose not to, you might still see our web advertisements, but they might not be as pertinent to you.

Your browser must be configured to accept cookies in order for behavioral advertising opt-outs to function on your Device. You will have to opt out again if you erase cookies, purchase a new Device, use a different device to access our Services, log in using a different screen name, or switch web browsers. You do not need to opt-out if your browser has scripting disabled because this prevents online behavioral advertising technology from functioning. To verify whether scripting is enabled or deactivated, please check the security settings of your browser.

You can also access and change the interest categories that many network advertising systems have developed based on your web browsing habits. The types of tailored adverts you might see are determined by these interest groups. A tool that lists the member companies of NAI that have cookies on your browser is available on the NAI Opt-Out Page, along with links to those businesses.


12.2 Links to Third-Party Services and Third-Party Content.

The Services might include content that is provided by a third party, and when web pages from any online or mobile Services are given to your browser, such third parties may gather website usage data and your Device Identifier. Additionally, you might be sent to other websites or applications when utilizing the Services that are run and managed by unaffiliated third parties. Any of these third parties’ privacy practices are not our responsibility.

For instance, if you click on a banner ad, you can be redirected to a different website and leave one of ours. These additional websites could send you their own cookies, independently gather data or ask for Personal Information, and could or might not have their own publicly available privacy policies. Before providing any Personal Information to third parties after you leave our website or Services, please be sure to read the privacy statements of all third-party websites or applications.


12.3 Features of social media.

Our services may contain interactive mini-programs that function on our web and mobile services, social media features like the Facebook Like button, widgets like a “Share this” button, and social media widgets. In order for these services to work correctly, we may need to gather your IP address, the page you are visiting on our website or app, and maybe a cookie. Either hosted by a third party or directly on our web services, social media features, and widgets. The privacy policies of the companies offering these tools and widgets will apply to your interactions with them.


12.4 Modifying Your Data and Deleting Your Account.

You are in charge of keeping the data you give us accurate, including any contact information you give us when you register for an account. You can update information on our member information page or by getting in touch with us through customer care if your personal information changes, is inaccurate, or if you no longer need our Services. We will attempt in good faith to implement suggested changes as soon as it is practical to do so in our then-active databases.

You can also amend or cancel your account or the messages you have chosen to receive from the Services by login into your user account and adjusting your communication settings, as instructed in an email.

For as long as your account with the Services is active and as long as it’s necessary for us to offer you services, we’ll keep your personal information and usage information (including geolocation). Even after your account is closed, we will keep your personal information and usage information on file as long as necessary to meet our legal and regulatory obligations, resolve disputes, complete any activities associated with account cancellation (like dealing with chargebacks from your credit card companies), investigate or prevent fraud and other improper activity, to enforce our policies, and to resolve disputes. Your data may be anonymized and aggregated after some time and kept by us for as long as is necessary for us to deliver our Services successfully; however, we will only utilize the anonymized data for analytical reasons.



12.5″ No kids.

No one under 18 (and most definitely no children under 13) is allowed to register with or use the Services since they are not intended for use by minors. We do not intentionally gather personal data from users under the age of 18. We will promptly erase any Personal Information from anyone under the age of 18 if we become aware of it. Please email us at if you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor under the age of eighteen (18) and think they may have shared Personal Information with us.


12.6 Safety.

We use standard, industry-wide, commercially reasonable security practices, such as encryption, firewalls, and SSL (Secure Socket Layers), for protecting your information, including any portions of your credit card number that we retain (we do not retain your entire credit card information) and geolocation data. The Personal Information and Usage Information we collect is securely stored within our databases. Nevertheless, no security system is impenetrable, regardless of how effective encryption technology is. Any information you communicate to Lawn Care in Pennsylvania is done at your own risk because we cannot guarantee the security of our databases or that it won’t be intercepted while being sent to us via the Internet or wireless transmission. We advise you not to share your password with anyone.


12.7 Your rights to privacy in California.

According to California’s “Shine the Light” law, California Civil Code 1798.83, certain businesses are required to respond to inquiries from California clients (those who have a preexisting business relationship with us) inquiring about the practices surrounding the disclosure of Personal Information to third parties for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes.

Alternately, such businesses may have a policy in place not to disclose the Personal Information of customers to third parties for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes unless the customer has expressed their affirmative consent to the disclosure (opt-in) or if they have exercised an option to opt-out of such information-sharing (opt-out).

We have chosen this alternative strategy, and unless you give us permission at the time you supply such customer information, we do not disclose the Personal Information of customers with third parties for the third parties’ direct marketing reasons.


12.8 American processing and storage of data.

Personal information that we gather will be handled and kept in the United States. In accordance with American law, governments, courts, or law enforcement agencies may make access requests for your personal information. You agree that your information will be processed and stored in the United States if you use the Services or give us any information.


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